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Gravity Storage Racking System

  Item Name: Gravity storage racking system
  Materials: Q235B, Q235D, Q345B
  Surface Treatment: Powder coated, HDG
  Thickness: 2.0-3.0mm or as your requirement
  Loading Capacity: 500-1500kg/layer or as your requirement
  Certificates: ISO 9001, CE
  Inspection: IQC, IPAC, FQC, QA
  Package: Normal safety export package or as your requirement

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Gravity Storage Racking System is also called self-gravity storage racking system, and it is also belong to heavy duty storage racking system. Gravity storage racking system is all non-powered, no energy consumption, low noise, it is very environmentally friendly. And it is also can be operated at full load. Gravity goods are deposited from the end, slid to the low end and taken out from the low end. During the sliding of the goods, a speed brake is installed on the slide to control the sliding speed of the goods to be kept within a safe range. A separator is installed at the shipping end of the chute, so that the handling machinery can smoothly take out the goods at the first position. The total depth of the gravity storage racking system (i.e. the length of the guide rail) should not be too large. Otherwise the unavailable up and down dead space will be larger, which will affect the use of space, and the ramp is too long, the controllability of the slide will be poor, easy to cause the slide is not smooth, blocked, pallets of the goods overturned. The basic features of the gravity storage racking system is suitable for storage operations with pallet as carrier, the goods are stacked neatly, providing a better solution for the storage of large and heavy goods, requiring only one access channel.
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Advantages of Gravity Storage Racking System

  High throughput, store and pick up goods at the same time, improving flow speed of goods.
  High density storage, space saving, storage utilization rate increased by more than 60% compared with ordinary storage racking system.
  Storing and picking up the goods, the forklift and roadway stacker has a short stroke, which saves the amount of forklift and low cost
  Environmental protection and energy saving, all adopt no power mode, no energy consumption, low noise, safe and reliable, can operate at full load
  Improve logistics efficiency, save time, the efficiency of access to goods is 10 times than ordinary storage racking system
  Easy to operate, no need for regular maintenance reliable and durable

Technical Specifications of Gravity Storage Racking System
Items Sizes (mm)
Uprights 80*60*2.0, 90*70*2.0/2.5, 100*70*2.0/2.5, 120*95*2.0/2.5/3.0
Horizontal / Diagonal Brace C40*24*1.2, C40*29*1.2
Beams Y100*501.5/2.0, Y120*50*1.5/2.0, Y140*50*1.5*2.0, Y160*50*1.5/2.0
Patch Holes 75
Pallet 1000*1000*125/150, 1200*1200*125/150, 1000*1200*125/150

Eurasia Storage Equipment Group is a professional manufacturer of storage racking system for more than 20 years in China with ISO 9001 and CE certificates. Whatever the characteristics of your business, our powerful R&D department will customize a storage solution for you.

Eurasia for all your storage racking system needs, warmly welcome you to visit our factory to test our quality control of the whole produce process.

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Eurasia storage equipment group is a professional manufacturer of storage racking system for more than 20 years with ISO 9001 and CE certificates. We provide you efficient and flexible storage solutions to improve your warehouse working efficiency and storage potential of your enterprise. Eurasia storage equipment group customizes warehouse storage solutions include pallet racking system, shuttle racking system, telescopic cantilever racking system, drive-in racking system, carton flow racking system, double deep racking system, gravity flow racking system, AGV racking system, three uprights racking system, cold warehouse racking system and ASRS.

Eurasia storage equipment group is a storage racking system factory, it covers 50000 ㎡ with 15000 ㎡ standard workshop. Modern production equipment includes: rolling mill, punch hole machine, automatic welding machine, automatic powder coated machine, forming a complete production system.

There are more than 10 people in our professional R&D team, some of them hold more than 20 years experience in storage racking system industry, these all are priceless wealth.

We have a very professional sales and after sales team, you just need to tell them the information of your warehouse and goods, such as size, weight, and so on. They will tell you what kind of storage racking system is very suitable for you. Then our technical team will customized a CAD drawing for your reference. So, contact your expert to get more professional suggestion of storage racking system.

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