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When we store the goods in the storage racking system, we need to store the goods to the utensils, then put it into the storage racking system. It will easy to store and pick up the goods and also will save manpower and time. The types of utensils such as steel pallet, wire mesh storage cage, stacking racks, plastic pallet, plastic storage bins, plastic turnover boxes and so on. More valuable information will be shared with you, if you contact us.
Steel Pallet
Steel Pallet Steel pallets are suitable for forklift operations and are convenient for accessing goods. They are one of..
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Wire Mesh Storage Cage
Wire Mesh Storage Cage is an important logistics container for storage and transport. It has the advantages of fixed st..
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Stacking Racks
Stacking Racks also called smart racks are handling and storage equipment derived from pallets. They are one of the mul..
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Plastic Pallets
Plastic Pallets is a kind of logistics unit used in combination with forklifts, racking system and other logistics equi..
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Plastic Storage Bins
Plastic Storage Bins also called parts boxes, they are mainly made of HDPE and are suitable for storage for various sma..
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Plastic Turnover Boxes
Plastic Turnover Boxes are made of plastic, it is usually used as transported turnover box or logistic box. Plastic tur..
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