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When we install the storage racking system in our warehouse, we usually need to consider the safety of the storage racking system and pallets. According to this requirement, storage racking system manufacturer provides the solution for the users, such as steel protector, anti-collision guardrail, pallet support bars and so on. If you want to know more about the function of each safety items, warmly welcome you to contact us, more valuable information will be shared with you, and you will learn more, also will be more professional in storage racking system industry.
Steel Protector
Steel Protector is installed before the racking upright in the warehouse aisle. I t is a protective device to avoid the..
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Anti-collision Guardrail
Anti-collision Guardrail The anti-collision guardrails used in storage racking system are generally made of round tube...
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Pallet Support Bar
Pallet Support Bar is used on the beam of the storage racking system to increase the force area of the rack and pallet...
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