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Automated storage and retrieval systems is a new concept in logistics warehousing. ASRS can realise the rationalisation of warehouse high-level, access automation, operation simplicity, automated storage and retrieval system is the high level of technology in the form of storage racking system. The mail body of the automated storage and retrieval system are storage racking system, lane-type stacking cranes, into (out of) the warehouse workbench and automatic transport into (out of) and operation control system. The main advantages are saving warehouse floor space, making full use of the warehouse space, and automated management improves the management level of the warehouse. If you want to know more about automated storage and retrieval system, please click the following items, or contact us to get more valuable information about it.
Four-way shuttle racking system
Four-way shuttle racking system is one type of Automated storage and retrieval systems, it is an intelligent high-densi..
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Heavy Duty Automated Storage Racking System
Heavy Duty Automated Storage Racking System is one type of automated storage and retrieval systems and is developed on ..
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