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What kinds of storage racking system are available in FILO?

Update time:2021-11-07

Today we will introduce first-in-first-out storage racking system, such as long span racking system, heavy duty racking system, narrow aisle racking system, shuttle racking system, gravity racking system, fluent racking system and so on.

Double deep pallet storage racking system
Double deep pallet storage racking system is derived from ordinary heavy duty racking system. It is a dense storage racking system. The double deep pallet storage racking system us designed in a double-row side by side structure to work with scissors-type forklifts. The warehouse utilization rate is about 42% and the selection rate is about 50%. The aisles are designed according to forklift trucks and the structure is the same as adjustable storage racking system. With high space utilization and large storage capacity of goods, it is widely used in food, beverage, tobacco, paper industry, manufacturing industry and so on.
Main feature of double deep storage racking system are as following:
Low cross-beam height and operating heights up to 8000mm
Medium stock flow, offering 50% optionality.
Suitable for warehouses with low pick-up rates and floor utilization up to 42%
Compared with ordinary heavy duty racking system, the inventory is doubled.
Forklift aisle required at around 3300mm
FILO access, difficult to achieve FIFO
The construction of each pallet position is the lowest cost among the ASRS.

Drive-in racking system
Pallets are stored in the depth direction, providing high storage density and high warehouse utilisation.
FIFO or FIFO, but forklift trucks must be driven into the storage racking system aisle for operation.

It is recommended to control the cargo depth of 7 cargo spaces for single-sided storage and retrieval, and 12 cargo spaces for double-sided storage and retrieval, to improve the efficiency and reliability of forklift access
Equipped with guide rails to increase the speed of forklift operation.
The height of storage racking system should be controlled within 10000mm and reinforcement devices should be added.
Single pallet load should not be too heavy, usually within 1500kg, pallet size should not be larger than 1500mm, usually equipped with a forklift truck or counterbalanced forklift truck.

Press-in racking system
Press-in storage racking system also called push-back racking system, stores goods on a customized pallet trolley which is self-sliding via a low front and high rear rail. The goods are stored on the pallet trolley from the lower end of the rails using a forklift truck, which then pushes the previous pallet into a deeper position with the next pallet, and so on.
The goods are also picked up from the lower end of the guide rail. Every time a goods is taken, the remaining goods will automatically slide to the lower end of the guide rail under the action of gravity, which is convenient for continuing to pick up goods. It is FILO
Many factors need to be considered when planning press-in racking system and the planning should be designed according to the current domestic and foreign technical specifications for reference. The design and planning must be optimized both structurally and in terms of the structure of the components and planned through certain theoretical calculations ans computer simulations. Standardized installation, construction and commissioning, coupled with storage management, maintenance and operational use that will ensure the safe and efficient use of press-in racking system.
For FIFO or FILO, all according to the size of warehouse, goods and also the requirement of the customer. For more valuable information, warmly welcome to contact us.