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What issues should be paid attention to when planning storage racking system except the space utilization?

Update time:2021-11-07

As we all know, one of the most prominent functions of storage racking system is to improve the space utilization rate of the warehouse. The storage racking system has a three-dimensional structure, which can make full use of the warehouse space and improve the utilization rate of the warehouse capacity. Therefore, there is often a misunderstanding: when planning and designing storage racking system, some customers often pay more attention to how many sets of storage racking system can be placed in the warehouse. The more storage racking system placed, the higher utilization rate of the warehouse. More goods stored, the better and more cost-effective for the company. Is it the truth? Is it really just focus on space utilization when planning storage racking system? The answer is of course NO. In addition to the warehouse space utilization rate, the following points also need to focus on.

1.Feasibility and convenience of actual operation during the use of storage racking system. For example, in the storage racking system layout, the side of the wall can only put a single row of storage racking system, which is to consider the practical operation feasibility and convenience. If double rows are placed on the side of the wall, then the inner row of storage racking system cannot be stored goods, it is very difficult to pick up the goods too. Similarly, placing single-row storage racking system not against the wall that will cause a great waste of space, about 1500-3500mm of forklift aisle need to be reserved between storage racking systems. The double row storage racking system are placed not against the wall, it can effectively reduce the space occupied by forklift aisle, save storage space and improve space utilization.

2. Stability and safety of storage racking system. When choosing a kind of storage racking system, you must choose the one that suits the characteristics of your goods and warehouses. The specific rules are based on the size of the warehouse and the goods stored there. So before you buy storage racking system, be sure to ask a expert of professional storage racking system manufacturer to customized the storage racking system according to your goods and warehouse, so that the possibility of future problems may be reduced to a minimum. For example, drive-in storage racking system does not need aisle, which can greatly improve the space utilization rate. However, due to the structure of drive-in storage racking system, the stability of it is the weakest among all types of storage racking systems. In this case, we must focus on storage racking system stability and safety issues, so in the design planning should not be designed too high, generally within 10 metres, in addition to the storage racking system also need to design reinforcement devices, racking depth is best control within 5 pallets depth.

Therefore, when planning storage racking system, in addition to space utilisation, the convenience and feasibility of accessing the goods, the safety and stability of the storage racking system are equally important. Any more you want to know, please contact us.