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What kind of storage racking systems are used in hardware warehouses?

Update time:2021-11-07

Hardware parts warehouses are frequently encountered by storage racking system company. Hardware accessories are machine parts made of metal and some small hardware products. Hardware accessories are usually more types and quantities, volume and weight us not large, suitable for manual access to goods, so the most common hardware accessories warehouse storage racking system is long span racking system. Advantages of long span racking system are as following: beautiful appearance, strong loading capacity, it can be used with parts boxes and other storage, conveniently picking.

In addition to the long span racking system, are there other options for the hardware accessories warehouse? Of course there is. In order to make full use of the warehouse space, mezzanine racking system will be a better choice, it will store more goods and save more cost.

Generally, the ground floor of the mezzanine racking system is supported by long span racking system, but hardware accessories are large in size and irregular in shape, then some adjustments have to made to supported storage racking system in the ground floor. For example, storing the ring-shaped hardware accessories, cantilever racking system will be the best choice, compared with long span racking system, cantilever racking system is more convenient for storing ring-shaped hardware accessories, and the utilization rate of the warehouse space can be increased by 45%. In general, the main storage racking system for hardware warehouses are long span racking system and mezzanine racking system. Contact us to get more valuable information of storage racking system.